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Groove Cutting Machine

Groove Cutting Machine for Idler Shaft

This machine is Capable to cut 2 Grooves at a time per side i.e. it is automated to operate 4-heads at a time simultaneously 2-heads on each side.Grooves on the rod are shown in Diagram.

This machine is efficient to finishes the grooves by single cut and passed out. Operating aptitude: Rod to be placed to hold by clamping jaw and then all the operations are done automatically just pushing the start buttons i.e. clamping, passing in between cutter to cut the rod whereas machine stops after completing operation. Of-course depth of groove to be adjusted manually.

This machine is Capable to cut 2slot at a time per side from ends i.e. it is automated to operate Double-cutter single head on each side.slot on the rod are shown in Diagram.

Conveyor idler
Operating system & efficiency are same as above machine.

Thus this type of machine manufactured in two models: (i) for groove-Cutting & (ii) Slot-Cutting. These machines are provided with twin cutters in each side placed horizontally opposite. (i) This type of slots are cut along the length and from the ends. (ii) This type of groove are with measurable distance away from the ends. grooves are smooth and operated by automated devices. This machine can be automatically operated. This machine serves you high rate of production and find finished to your job.